mapping google chromebook users to owner in IQ

  • 2 February 2024
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what fields is needed to sync google Chromebook users to IQ asset owners so IQ displays the owner that is assigned in google and not have to update IQ manually? Or can we map it to have IQ update google with the assigned owner?

2 replies

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@DLikiardopoulos 22023df ocsit - we utilize Intune, but you should be able to check the drop-down selection under the General Settings of the Google Devices application to “Automatically update owner...”: 


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@DLikiardopoulos 22023df ocsit Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

The options given to us in Google Devices (under the General Settings Tab) is similar to @Erica added with Intune. Here is a screenshot of the Google Devices tab and the options you are given: 

Last device user would the the user who last logged in.

Annotated user would be the user it is assigned to.