Mapping Student Grade Level to Device OU

  • 21 December 2023
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I’d like to map our student grade level listed in IIQ (synced from our SIS) to their Chromebooks so that when we assign students new devices throughout the year IIQ would automatically move the device to the correct OU. Is there anyway to do this?

4 replies

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Yes this is a way to do this... 

Go into manage the Google Devices settings under General Settings.

Make sure you have write back turned on first

Scroll all the way down to the Mapping area
Add a new Map
Filter the location and grade
Find the OU path and add it on the left path side

We have 2 high schools here so i’ll attach a screenshot of how we use it for one of our 9th grades.



Once we check out a device to a student that is at that site and that grade the device auto moves into the 9th grade OU.

Let me know if you have any issues, I maybe able to help some,

Is that mapping from the student data then? I have this turned on for our student grade levels but it still doesn’t seem to be able to move the devices.


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I also created this rule for when checking out devices.  When we check something in it changes the status to “In Storage” and this puts it back into “In Service”. It gets the location from the student and moves the device there too.  That plus their grade I believe is what maps my filter and the sync pushes it to the OU.

The last thing is it does is pushes it back go Google, this maybe why they move OU after a checkout.  Have you tried running a sync after a checkout to see if the OU moves? 

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@JSchilthroat 940c561 tk Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

Do you have write-back turned on? Are the correct student OU’s mapped? 


Thanks @FGonz for jumping in on this one!