Merge Duplicate Device history

  • 19 April 2023
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We have had some issues arise that we need to be able to merge the user and ticket history on duplicate devices due to CloudReady Chrome devices were updated and the CloudReady Serial number (Mac Address) was changed to the actual Serial number of the device by Google updates. 
Support was able to merge the bulk of these devices but do not seem receptive to merging stragglers that we find after the initial merge.  We are told to search our deleted devices in iiQ for the same asset number.  This is not ideal at all.  

Since we are able to merge users at Admin Level, I feel like merging Devices should not be an issue.  ??

1 reply

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@PThornhill 297ebe1 denisonisd Thank you for submitting your question. This would be an enhancement request. Please head to our Idea Exchange to post your idea!