Only allow schools to see their spare pool group

  • 13 March 2023
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I don't want Agents/Faculty to see other schools' spare pool groups. When my media specialist goes to Manage Spare pools, she can see every spare pool group created by other District media specialists.


Best answer by Erica 13 March 2023, 15:21

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4 replies

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The managing/Issuing spares options do not appear to be location specific in the general permissions. We have our permissions for such agents only set to Issue spares. Management of spares is done by our IIQ inventory team. In this way, when working a ticket, the agent is defaulted to that tickets location to be able to issue a spare from that corresponding pool. 

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@MaryReed Thank you for submitting your question! 

@Erica ‘s workaround is going to be the best idea moving forward with your Media Specialists. Is she the one creating and Managing the sparepools? If so, she will be able to see all the sparepools. 

You could submit your idea to our Idea Exchange to see managing sparepools by location become an enhancement!

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No, our Media specialists do not manage or create spare pools. She can see other pools created if I give her the right to manage them. We only want them to issue a spare. Also, when they issue a spare, the agent changes to the Media Specialist, which isn't a big deal; they can change it back to the technician. 

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@MaryReed If you do not want her to see all the sparepools, I would then adjust the permission for her to only issue spares rather than manage sparepools. Here is a screenshot of the permission that should be checked: 

it is under the General Permissions tab. I hope this helps 😄


@Erica Thank you again for this workaround!