Original Device Owner Report for Replacement Cycle

  • 15 April 2024
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I use a custom EOL (End of Life) field to track our replacement cycle. I have realized that I need to use a generic date such as 6/30/2024 so users do not put in tickets to have a device replaced the date is is listed as expiring (we used the purchase date + the number of lifecycle months to calculate the EOL). As devices break and are replaced and put back into service, I need to document the original owner of a device class so I can slate them for a replacement device. A report would be nice, any other ideas?

3 replies

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@philac Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

If the user no longer has a device, you could filter by “User that does not have an assigned device.” Unless you are trying to tie it to the ticket in which you could create a custom ticket status, and the ticket would only be resolved by getting that user a device. 

There are a few ways you can solve this! 

The filter for the No assigned device. You can also add the “role” filter to be more specific.

For the custom ticket status, here is the KB Guide: 

I hope this helps!

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In our case, our users are assigned a new device with a 4 year life cycle. If the device experiences an issue, we often assign a different device and repair the “broken one”. The replacement devices are from a pool of mixed devices. At the end of a four ear cycle, I need to be able to identify and keep the users on cycle.

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@philac Thank you for adding more detail to your use case. I jumped on our call with our team and asked for ideas on how to get y’all to filter and create this report. If those users are all assigned the same model at first and are not assigned the same model after. 


Additionally, you could add a user custom field when that user gets a new device and filter based on that user custom field. There are a few ways here. 

Let me know how else I can help! 😄