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  • 17 February 2023
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Is there a way to track a purchase process in IIQ? This would start from the quote, PO number, order number etc. I want to input the info pending delivery, is that possible?


Best answer by BrandonGHAPS 27 February 2023, 13:46

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3 replies

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Other than within a ticket you could possibly create rules and separate ticket statuses.  You could setup a ticket status to say “Quote Obtained”, and one to say “Purchase Order Requested”, then “Order Placed”, or whatever you want the process to be. Then write a rule for when ticket is updated???  I also wonder if you could setup the Enhanced Approval Workflow for this as well and you could even make yourself the approver but have separate steps along the way using rules.

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@jjmill9299 Thank you for submitting your question! We don’t have an official process for this right now, but I love @nburke’s workaround for this! The idea of creating tickets with “when updated” rules would be a great thing to utilize. 

Enhanced Approval Workflow is a premium app we have created that would help you track this information by adding in each level of your steps. If that is something you are interested in adding, we can get you in touch with someone from sales! Here is the guide to give you more information on how to use it. 


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This is kind of similar to the idea I have posted