Rapid scan only scans first device

  • 26 October 2022
  • 3 replies

I am not able to scan multiple devices using Rapid Scan.  The first device scans successfully but additional scanned devices do not create an asset list as shown in the video. There is no error message the scan is just ignored.  Is there a specific setting for barcode scanners?

3 replies

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@rinkevichm Can you provide some screenshots of what it looks like when you scan in devices? 

What browser are you using? 

Can you provide us with the serial number or asset tag that you are trying to scan?

I am using the Chrome web browser. The screenshot shows one of the asset tags and serial number of the device, however it is happening with all devices I scan. 

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@rinkevichm I just tested this in your site and was able to check out 2 devices using the Deployment. Please reference the screenshot below (don’t worry, I also undid everything I did so your system should not reflect any changes I made). 

Is this history not populating still for you?