Remove barcode number on labels

  • 30 September 2022
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We are interested in printing a barcode label with the student’s name and ID barcode associated with the device they have checked out.  In order to protect their ID number we would like to show the barcode, but hide the actual number that is associated with the barcode.  I couldn’t find a way to hide it.  Anyone know of a way?

4 replies

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@jax Thank you for submitting your question!

Our platform currently does not support this but you can submit this into our Idea Exchange. Here is the link:

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Thanks @jax for adding this to our idea exchange 😁



Do I have to have Admin rights to print asset labels? 

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@DWahl 550a033 passchristian It depends on your role. iiQ Admin have the permissions to print asset labels. It depends on the permissions within your site if you have the ability to print the labels. 


edit: If you have access to Asset Explorer, you should have the ability to print asset labels.