Report users with Multiple devices of specific category or specific number of devices?

  • 31 March 2023
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I know we can create a view and report of users with multiple devices, which is helpful, except every student here has a laptop and charger assigned. Therefore every student shows up in this out of the box report.

Can we apply a filter to say show me users with multiple assigned devices of Category “Laptop”?

Or can we say show me users with multiple device when the count is greater than 2?

this would then give us an accurate report of how many students (or staff) have multiple laptops signed out.

6 replies

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@ehausauer Thank you for submitting your question. 😄

Unfortunately, this is not something we can filter by at this time. This would be a wonderful idea to add to our Idea Exchange!!

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was this ever created into an idea? i would love this as well.  Trying to figure out how many staff have a second device, being able to filter the model or model category in the user views would be great.  Some of our staff have both a laptop and iPad, we are looking for those with multiple laptops only.



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@FGonz Hello!

One workaround that you could try would be to create a view under the Assets tab and add filters for Role: Staff. Model Category: Laptops, Tablets. Status: In service/In storage. Once the view populates, you can then sort the view by Owner (Ascending or Descending) or export the list and sort in excel. A few extra steps, but it still pulls the data. 

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@Erica Thank you for jumping in with that work around! 😄

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Yes I did something similar.  Did a staff report with the Macbook Models, then exported to Excel and put in a conditional formula to highlight the owner column if it came up more than once.

Thank you

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Glad to hear it @FGonz 😄