SCCM IIQ Best Practice?

  • 20 March 2024
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We are using SCCM for Windows Asset Integrations and occasionally run across issues where the device is completely gone from SCCM - we verify this by resource id, but we sometimes we see where when the device is renamed, it fails to update the asset with the new name stating that its still in use.


Is there some soft of best practices that some have seen that will allow the devices to update. We hesitate on using the delete assets option for fear that it wont merge and just create a duplicate so we wouldn’t be able to check the real history without pulling up more than one device. Any input would be appreciated.

5 replies

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To add to this (same district) - we have the policy set to sync and update based on serial number. So even though the device was renamed/reimaged, it should then merge the new information with the asset in IIQ since the serial number is still the same. For most assets, this works fine. Occasionally however, we see a message saying that the device is no longer in SCCM.

Of course it still is, just with different information - something is preventing it from syncing the new information with the current asset in IIQ. The logs show it is trying to create a new asset with the new information, but we set the policy to not allow that if a serial number that matches that is already in IIQ.

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@DRumpf 570102a apsb Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

This is an important conversation to have! 

Thanks @TMatsuya 8234910 apsb for jumping in here already! 

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Another thing I’ve noticed (peripherally related, not sure if it might be better to ask a whole new question about this) is that sometimes the SCCM app in IIQ will change serial numbers based off of the name, even when we have that set specifically to not do so. We only want information to be updated based off of the serial number. I’m not sure exactly why this happens.

we have noticed when sccm doesnt see a device (180 days) and removes it from sccm it also removes it from IIQ. Is there a setting to have a technician remove it from inventory or flag it for removal of the inventory module?

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@GPrince 543219f ouboces I believe you can create a rule for when an asset is updated to email a user to notify them of the device! You can use the variables to put in that specific asset tag.