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  • 22 February 2023
  • 3 replies


Under asset explorer, before the update you were able to search assets in a room by changing the dropdown from all assets to room number.  The option is still there but when you type the room number nothing comes up.  Is this feature no longer available? 

3 replies

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@SLEMON 9305768 caddoschools Thank you for submitting your question. I went into your site, and it looked like you still could do this. Do you have screenshots or a specific user where this seems to be an issue? I will happily look into it! 

Sure. I used to be able to search using the school acronym and the room number but now it says no results found. If I put in just the room number I get search results from all schools.


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@SLEMON 9305768 caddoschools I see where the problem is. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket for you! I linked your name to it, so you should get a notification for it!