Set Device Status in Google for an On Schedule Asset Rule

  • 17 November 2023
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Is it possible to add a “Set device status in Google” rule action to an On Schedule triggered asset rule? I’m not seeing it as an option. It only gives the option to change the asset status.

I’m looking at creating a rule that automatically disables our unreturned loaner Chromebooks at a certain time after school lets out. I was hoping that a Google status rule action would exist in the on schedule triggered rules just as it does for all the other trigger types.


5 replies

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Interesting that it’s not there. I would have lost that bet.

I wonder if performing another action there would trigger a “When Updated” rule that you could use?

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@lhofius Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

Please submit a ticket to support. I believe you have caught a missing rule action. 


Our district would be interested in this as well. We have been looking into this for a while and wanted to use IIQ since it is managing all of our devices now.

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I believe the option has been added and I have the below schedule set but it does not seem to be firing.  Can anyone look at it and see what I may have missed or what I am doing wrong.  It even says it should do it to 2 of the assets but never does


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@ebloomfield33 Please see your additional post for updates: