Spare Pool Permissions

  • 24 October 2022
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I was reading up on using spare pools and saw something about allowing other users to issue a spare from the spare pool. I went in to the spare pool but could not find these permissions. Also, can a specified user add the spare before the ticket is submitted? When a student comes in with a broken Chromebook, right now we are writing it in the comments and I add it later. This takes time and manging the spares a bit more difficult. 

Another questions is can we issue a spare to a student for the day? Like if a student forgot their Chromebook and need a spare for the day. Can I assign a specific user to issue a spare for the day?


1 reply

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@JPOG75 Thank you for submitting your question. 

We have had lots of ideas about issuing spares daily and different processes 😄 If you are using tickets to issue spares, the person needs the ability to work tickets and issue spares on tickets (found at the bottom of App Specific permissions). 

If you have the Assets Module, you could also go through Rollout Scout to check out devices if not through a ticket - 

Here is a discussion where people talk about their experiences using spare pool daily loaners: 

Here is an idea to vote and comment on: 

Let me know if any of this helps 😄