Staff Verifying Assets

  • 16 March 2023
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Is there a way that you can allow users to only verify their own/assigned assets? Let’s say staff/faculty as an example. Not seeing a way to do this unless more edit rights are given. I do not see where you can allow verifications, but no editing. 




2 replies

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@jake Thank you for submitting your question.

Currently, staff cannot verify their assets. You can verify assets in a few ways. First, via tickets hit with agents verifying the asset when they work on it. Second, via my classes - teachers verify student assets through my classes. Additionally,  you can auto-verify assets via Google devices. Here is the guide to assist with further research of verifying assets: 

Additionally, I hope that you submit your idea of “staff verifying their own assets into our Idea Exchange here:

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Here is the idea posted based on this thread: