Tracking Licenses

  • 2 March 2023
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We’re thinking through how me might use IIQ to track licenses that are assigned to assets. We could create an asset model that represents the software and specific assets that represent individual licenses, then assign to a user if appropriate but not sure about assigning to a device.


I see an feature suggestion around this but short of specific functionality being added in the future, has anyone handled this in IIQ using existing functionality?

6 replies

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Easiest thing that comes to mind for me would be creating the license as a Part. Then you can set the quantity of how many you have and assign them via a ticket to the user. I do this with our Acrobat Pro licenses so I have a quick way to see how many are in use and if we need to buy more. The other good part of having it as a part is if someone requests a license/quote, you can add the part and they can see the cost then decide if it’s justified or not.

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@TAnders Thank you for jumping in with that suggestion! Love seeing our community members supporting each other! 

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Another option, one that we use, is to add a custom field as meta information to assets. We use custom fields for our assistive tech software. We can add the app that is being utilized on the device as a custom field and have visibility via a view into how many assets have the software installed. 

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@Erica I love the use of custom fields as well! Thank you for commenting. 😄


Interesting conversation. I was hoping to see IIQ make use of the licenses as assets, but auto-assign the licenses based on the SCCM/Endpoint Manager software inventory. Would also love to have a report tell me if I am over or under licensed.

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@kjohnson I am interested to see what you decided to do! I have seen districts create each individual license as a fake asset. You can make your own model and model category so it separates them into a “software” category. If you upload a CSV with an AT and SN you can then assign these to users to see which users have which licenses. Furthermore, you can add custom fields to denote other things such as “Software expiration date” or “Data privacy agreement”.  Hope this helps!