Unable to submit ticket for some assets

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One of my techs came to me saying that one some assets, not all, when you bring up the asset record, the submit ticket button is greyed out. I had them provide me an example and when I got to the asset and hover over the submit ticket button, it shows “visibility is disabled for this role”.  Can any tell me what is causing this?


Thanks in advance or your help!


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Hey @Gary_KCMO, we may need a little more detail. There is one thing you can check that could help - you can change the model visibility on roles

  1. Go to Administration > Models
  2. Open the impacted model
  3. Toggle the visibility to on in ticketing


Let me know if that works!

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Do you know is it just one tech that cannot submit a ticket, or is it all?  Wondering if the model does not allow agents or whatever their permissions are set to to submit tickets.  Or I wonder if that persons permissions are somehow not set right.  


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@nburke If you have the model visible to each role you need to submit tickets with, then anyone who is in that role, should have access to submit a ticket for that model. Is there a certain model in your site that is not currently able to submit a ticket for?  

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@Kathryn Carter no not for us-we are good.