Unassigned Device Rule based on user

  • 18 September 2023
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Curious if this is possible.


We Automatic asset assignment in iiQ based on last device user in google.

We have a test account that we log into the Chromebooks with. Is it possible to setup a rule that says if Device owner is TestAccount unassign from device?



Thank you



5 replies

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Is the following what you are looking for:

In the Rules tab for “when ‘Update’” add a filter for Asset Owner and select the user you want for that (your TestAccount user).

Then set an action Asset > Set Asset Status and then whatever status you want (for example, set it to In Storage).

What should happen here is whenever there is an update such that there is a new Asset Owner that is TestAccount, the asset will be set to In Storage (you can set the various Asset Statuses that you want by going to Admin > Asset Status).


This is exactly what I am looking for. However when I go to rules → Ticketing → Assets  I am not seeing asset owner. Am I creating it the correct location



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That’s exactly where it should be, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why that’s not showing up for you. I’m going to presume that you have Devices that have already been assigned to a User such that they are listed as an Owner. I’ve found that sometimes things like this need to be populated initially before they show up as options.

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@RWatson Make sure within Rules you are at Ticket, Trigger: updated.

This is where you can find the “Asset Owner” filter. 

Thanks @PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd for your effort on this thread!! 😄


Thank you, I was trying in assets thinking it would be there.


I was able to find it.