unlink asset on assignment

  • 27 October 2022
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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a way either through a rule or possibly a feature enhancement that I can unlink an asset when it is assigned to a student. We use device lockers in our buildings as swap devices when a student breaks a device. We assign that device to the student and refill the lockers on the back end. Currently we link the computers to the locker so that we can see at any one point what is in the lockers. The problem is right now we have to manually unlink the asset when we assign it or it does not show that it has left the locker. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

1 reply

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@wjkim01 Thank you for submitting your question!

I have a follow up question. When the computers are in the locker, is that an assigned storage spot? When you have the storage spot assigned, its an easy rule to set “when checked out” to be unassigned from the storage spot.

For linking storage as an asset, you will not be able to set a rule to unlink them and would have to go in individually. 

I linked a question about setting up asset storage for adjusting/assigning in bulk.