Updating Assets in Spare Pools

  • 25 April 2022
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I started playing around with the Spare Pools by manually adding a device.  I would like to now bulk add more devices into a group.  I have all the asset tags for the devices, but I can’t figure out a way to bulk edit devices into a spare group.  My workaround so far has been to upload a csv with a column for spare pool that includes the Pool Name.  After uploading the file I noticed the original device is the only one still listed in the pool.  When I did a closer look at the import I noticed the original device had this comment.

Does anyone know the syntax I need to use in the Spare Pool column for my upload so that I can bulk add to this Spare Pool?


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Hey there, @nveni. Currently, I do not believe spares can be identified through a CSV import. The best way to bulk add devices to spare pool is through rapid scan or by creating a custom view (copy and paste the asset tags or serial numbers from a column of an existing sheet into the view) and then bulk update/add to spare pool. Please reach back out if this does not resolve your issue and we will determine the best next steps 🙂


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Since we don’t use carts nor have a per campus storage location named, I created a custom field called “specialty asset tracking” and used an import to set that field to “Campus Device.”   I can then go to the asset explorer, filter by that custom field and find all of the campus devices to assign to a pool.   The first step naturally is to already have the spare pools defined. At this point, you can further filter by campus or model category, etc, and then assign in bulk the devices to the appropriate spare pool.

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@Carina Burns Randolph Thank you for sharing this additional workflow! Love to see this!!