User to view Google Device Data and enable/diable device

  • 31 March 2023
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I am looking for the ability to allow specific staff to view the Google Device Data when viewing Chromebook assets. I’ve looked through the permissions but I haven’t been able to find anything that allows this through testing. 

I’m also looking to allow the same specific staff to enable/disable chromebooks and I see the checkboxes in the permissions but it doesn’t seem to do anything when checked.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks!


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I’m not sure I am correct here, but I think only Agents can modify assets, including the Disable/Re-enable selection. The checkboxes might be checked for staff or faculty, but I don’t think it will allow them. I think they are there to adjust your agent settings and are just viewable through all permissions.


I could be completely bonkers and have this information wrong. So, I’m trying to help, but might not be. 🤷

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@SMillsTVSD Thank you for jumping in here! You are correct, only agents can modify assets; it is a perk of having the role of an agent with those permissions. 

@NJensen 2272d5c tusd Thank you for submitting your question. Here is an idea to upvote about increasing the flexibility for staff and faculty rolls -