Using PO number as temporary Asset Tag until deployment - unable to search?

  • 12 April 2023
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We’re very new to IIQ Assets.   We’re trying to develop a process to enter new assets as they’re purchased, and then assign an asset tag, serial number and location as the assets are deployed.

We’d like to use the purchase order number as part of the temporary asset tag until the asset is deployed and an actual tag is assigned.   I have entered two assets under this scheme, but now when I search, only one is returned.

I’m using the following as the temporary asset tag numbers:



When I search for 2302962 only 2302962-1 is returned in search results.  I’ve also tried searching for 2302962@ and 2302962% based on a wildcard post from the community - no luck with those searches either.

I’ve also tried using asset tags 2302962X1 and 2302962X2 in case the hyphen was causing trouble.  No luck.     Even if I search for the full asset tag number (2302962X2), I cannot pull up the asset in search.

We’d like to be able to search for the PO number (temporary asset tag) and have all items from that purchase returned, to make the assets easier to find during deployment.     Any tips or help?


Thank you,

Julie Mims


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PS - if someone has found a better way to manage this process, we’re all ears!    Backfilling purchasing details once something is deployed and “in the wild” has been a challenge.  Thanks!


I changed the asset tags back and forth between -1 and X1 a few times trying to troubleshoot, and now I can pull these up in a search.  Unexplained, but it’s working now.   Thanks!

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I have something similar posted in the idea exchange.  Feel free to UpVote it and add anything else to it!



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@JMims 6331bd6 shaker Thank you for submitting your question to the community! “in the wild” love it! 

I am glad to hear you are able to search for those assets now! Now, go ahead and upvote and comment on the idea @BrandonGHAPS commented. 😄