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  • 26 August 2023
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I’m looking for documentation, knowledgebase and/or instructions regarding the SFTP option in the Export tab of the View Designer as I can’t seem to find anything regarding it.

My goal is to export views from iiQ into our SFTP server in order to access within our database. I’d like to confirm that I’ve set up our credentials properly and also have an actual time as to when the view exports each day.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to set the SFTP export schedule myself, but it would at least be helpful to know when the export happens instead of just “each day”.

I’ve included a screenshot for reference. If there is any other information regarding the SFTP Export, I’d be happy to receive that.

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Best answer by Kathryn Carter 6 September 2023, 15:27

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@JBauer 693f843 mva Thank you for submitting your question to our Community. 

Currently, the STFP report runs at 1:00am each morning. There is an idea in the development of being able to customize this time. Be on the look out for that enhancement coming soon! 😄


@Kathryn Carter I had all the same questions! I’m glad this was mentioned. Can someone at iiQ provide some more detail on how to set this up properly?

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@calexander Hi again! For the STFP report export, you must plug in the fields from your secure server. This is the information you have. Then, there is an update coming to be able to customize the time 😄

@Kathryn Carter Thank you for that information! Final question on the SFTP run time: what time zone is it based on? Eastern, Pacific or other? Thanks again.

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@JBauer 693f843 mva It runs off of your time zone 😄


@Kathryn Carter Thank you for the quick responses. I’ll try to do this again in the near future. At some time in the morning, I had plugged in the fields from our server into the STFP report export and left it running all day. I assumed I had set it up incorrectly and disabled the export that night. It’s good to know now that I possibly had it setup correctly but didn’t have it enabled for when it runs at 1 am.

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@JBauer 693f843 mva @calexander 

Great News! You can now schedule your SFTP exports.

To change the time, you can click on the scheduled time and can adjust as needed:

I hope this helps 😄