what are pros and cons of using Check in/Check out versus Batch Check in/Check Out

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We have our senior chromebook collection day coming up and just wanted to know what would be the difference between using the Check in/out versus the Batch check in/out.  We don’t need any rules to fire off when checking them in just having the ownership set to unassigned which I know both options do.  Thank you.

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@ebloomfield33 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

There are various benefits to each, but let me tag some of our leaders in the community to hear what they have to say: @TAnders @bclark @Cozmo03 @zige @jclark @SMillsTVSD Any advice? 

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I like bulk checkout because you can do the box and slot checkin. We put a barcode on each box so that we can scan it, then we enter in how many laptops go in each box (usually 10). When the box is full it tells us, then we scan the next box number. We like the box and slot system, because when a student “accidentally” turned in their laptop before their final paper was submitted, we have to go to look for the laptop. It is super helpful when we know what box it is exactly in and which slot number.


I also like the bulk checkin because at the bottom of the screen it shows your scan history, so if you question whether it scanned or not, or lose your place, or get distracted because of squirrels, it helps you get back on track.

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We do not use the batch check out much because the majority of our students aren’t carrying a barcode or anything with their ID/email on it.

The batch check in works well except that it requires you to choose a “storage location”. We do not manage device inventory centrally - it’s per school - so the storage location isn’t really relevant to us since the devices are already typically at the school they belong to. Minor details though, I think you can correct this with the rules engine.

The normal check-in and check-out function is perfectly fine and straighforward except for the fact that it lists every person in your district there regardless of the permissions the person has.

There’s a few nuances to each, but both work well overall.