Wildcard search removed?

  • 26 February 2023
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We used to be able to search through our assets with a wildcard joker of % as in %123456 and it would populate all assets that matched. Now it ignores this. The removal of the feature had to have been recent as I showed someone this feature earlier this month. Are there plans to bring this feature back or is it gone for good?


Best answer by Hannah Bailey 22 May 2023, 15:17

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5 replies

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Someone switched it to an @ sign. 

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Do you know if I will need to rewrite my email filter rules that contain the % ?

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@DRumpf 570102a apsb Hey, I just tested it, and you do not need to change your email filters! 😄

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Hey community members, 

The wild card searching was not intended behavior and impacted performance within iiQ. The current wildcard search using “@” has been removed. 

Please go and upvote for the wildcard search feature. 



Very disappointing that wildcards were removed! Almost every other inventory software has this!