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I added a custom field for assets that has the MAC address. Is there no way to access this value when creating a rule that involves a webhook?

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@CSlobodian 8175692 hcsd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

Are you looking for a filter within your rules engine? It should be under the custom fields section. This will allow you to filter and enable that webhook for tickets with that custom field. 

The custom field you choose will go in the filter! 

Please let me know how I can be more helpful! 

@Kathryn Carter 

Thanks for your response. I was not descriptive enough, sorry! I would like to use the custom field in a rule that uses a webhook as a variable. There is a CustomFieldValues variable but that does not contain the meta information I am looking for.

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@CSlobodian 8175692 hcsd Thank you for the additional clarification. This would be an enhancement request that you can submit here:

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This idea calls out emails specifically, but I’m pretty sure most of the variables that work in email also work in webhooks.