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  • 16 February 2023
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I was looking into Fee Tracker a bit and wanted to know if there was a view that showed what the fees were for. Such as which parts, the breakdown cost of the parts, and the total. I am currently able to see a total fee but nothing else. I also wanted to know if it were possible to export a breakdown along with bulk import refunds or cancelations. 


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3 replies

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If you go into the Manage Apps section for Fee Tracker you can export all transactions but it doesn’t allow you to customize or filter.  So you’d have to export all and then arrange your spreadsheet data the way you want.  It would be nice to generate statements or export this data and have some filtering options.


I don’t know about the refunds or cancellations as we don’t keep track of the fees collected in IIQ we just use it to track the repair and we use our SIS to manage the payments

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The other issue I have is not being able to add multiple items at a time for fees. I currently thinking about our end of year process and how we should go about collecting information on missing parts. Right now I am leaning toward work orders or using a google sheet as we have done in the past.

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@cris.ward and @nburke Thank you for sharing your questions and thoughts about Fee Tracker. There are many ideas in Idea Exchange about how we can improve it. 

This idea is about sorting information about fees: 

There is an idea about just having the information in one invoice that the parent can pay at one time. Please go upvote and comment on the idea.