Google SSO OU fragments to filter

What is the delimiter for “OU fragment(s) to filter:”. I want to exclude a number of  OU from the initial sync.

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@DAdmin 2734319 sau57 Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I believe you can just select the OU from the auto-population on the OUs.

I am tagging some of our Google SSO districts for their insight as well. @TAnders @jclark @davecarty @PBauchan 650c0fd mvsd @BHersom 830567e gtra  How do y’all separate your excluded OU fragments? 


Update: if you add a backslash to get to those sub OUs. 

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We have ours set up to only exclude a few OUs, but it is under the OU Fragments to filter, I have ours set to Exclude, then the OU path to the ones we want to exclude.


If you have a bunch, it might be easier to create a group in Google called “No-IIQ” or something and just exclude that group after adding all the people you want to exclude.

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Truth be told ours is pretty messy and due to be re-organized, but we have a bunch of OUs/SubOUs listed out largely for management accounts. A number of them are redundant (subOUs that are excluded along with parent OUs that they are a part of also being listed as excluded) but I can’t say I’ve experiemented with it enough to really know what works best practice-wise.

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Thank you both for your examples on this thread! I hope that @DAdmin 2734319 sau57 is getting some ideas on how to best work this.