Has anyone created a form that needs multiple approvals?

  • 12 July 2023
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I've just created our first form, and Im having issues getting the data to post on the correct spot on the form (imported PDF) and  I would like to have the form sent straight to the principal for approval (made a form step 2 for this) and then on to the facilities Manager for final approval (form step 3).  Has anyone already  done this? if so could you share your rules or how you made it work for you? 


5 replies

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@TracieR - I am looking for a district that currently has something similar set up. Also, working in a testing site to configure it myself. I will update you on what I find 😁


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I haven’t tested it yet, but you could possibly trigger on the status “Approved by Admin” something like this:


As far as I know I don’t think iiq has nested approval processes, or dependents 

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When we had Forms Manager, I was told by IIQ Support that this was not possible. 

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@TracieR I have been testing this, and it looks like it is not possible at the moment. This would be a wonderful idea for our Idea Exchange. Please add that here:

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@TracieR,  @Cecilia-DCSS is correct here. There’s no possibility to approve forms, but there’s a possibility to approve tickets that have forms attached to them as explained by @akorkishko 

The process will look like this: 

  1. A ticket with a form is created by requestor. 
  2. The approver reviews the form and approves the ticket. 
  3. The ticket follows the approval process based on rules. 

Please let me know if this helps!