Mosyle JWT token

  • 23 January 2024
  • 2 replies

We just got this pop-up and then it disappeared. Tried looking for the instruction on the JWT token but only found this: Has anyone been able to acquire a JWT token in Mosyle?


2 replies

Maybe this will help. Mosyle has a popup too explaining where to generate more JWTs:

API Integration
Ability to create more than one API token integration. New tokens will be created automatically with JWT Authentication. (My School > Integrations > API Integration)

Unfortunately when we apply the token to iiQ, we get an error message: access token has been configured or it is invalid. [ Value cannot be null. (Parameter 's') ].

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@ALindley 417134c scusd Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

Please submit a ticket to support for this issue. They will be able to best guide you to your solution.