Owner Assignment Missing Sync w/ Mosyle

  • 19 June 2024
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Our Apple devices are managed in Mosyle and the assigned user name was being fed to the Owner field in Incident IQ until just recently. I notice that on June 10, 282 devices were updated which I believe was the removal of the assigned owner in the owner field. Any updates or suggestions on how to fix or address this? At this point in iiQ I can’t tell who is using which device. 

I have a help desk ticket submitted but have not heard anything since I submitted it yesterday. 

Thank you for any input, 

3 replies

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If you go to Apps > Manage > Mosyle Manager under Overview you can select “View Detailed Logs” and see what changes were specifically made and to which device for every sync in order to confirm what changes were made to those 282 devies on June 10th. I presume Mosyle still accurrately reflects who the owner is? 

Hi, I looked at one of devices and these are the details of the log: 

  •  06/12/2024 11:55 PM - SkipNoChanges: 
  •  06/11/2024 11:55 PM - UpdateCustomFieldsOnly: 
  •  06/10/2024 11:55 PM - Update: Owner was cleared. [ OwnerId, UpdateOwner ] 
  •  06/09/2024 11:55 PM - SkipNoChanges: 


We made no changes on our end but it seems like something in the system did change. 

Yes, Mosyle still reflect the correct owner. 



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@KSmith 747129b oldadobe Thank you for submitting a support ticket. Our offices were closed yesterday for Juneteenth holiday. You should be hearing for our support team soon.