PowerSchool Add Rooms to Users

  • 31 March 2023
  • 5 replies

Based on the “PowerSchool SIS - Configuring Settings” guide, we should be able to associate Rooms with users.


Unfortunately when we try to configure the App, that option does not exist.


Is this a change to the app that isn’t reflected in the Guide, or is there some other issue?

5 replies

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@JWhite 5777367 sau39 Thank you for submitting your question. 

Are you looking at attaching homerooms to students? Or are you looking to just associate a teacher to a room with other devices assigned to them? 

We are looking to associate teachers with rooms so that they have easier access to devices assigned to those rooms.


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@JWhite 5777367 sau39 I appreciate the clarification. Additionally, do you have my classes enabled for your teachers? Using myclasses, it would give them the list of devices that are associated with the students that are in their class. 

Are you wanting them to see student devices in their room or devices that stay in the room, such as the projector, printer, etc?


We have the myclasses feature enabled, and the teachers are able to see devices assigned to their students.


We are looking to assign “static” devices (like projectors, printers, etc.) to Rooms and have the teachers see those as well based on the import from PowerSchool.


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@JWhite 5777367 sau39 Thank you for giving me your specific use case! Understanding exactly what you are trying to do, helps me better help you. 😄

Currently, we are not able to pull that information with PowerSchool. However, I have good insider information that we will be getting an update for PowerSchool soon! Stay tuned for updates