Remote Assistance Integrations- What is Reccomended?

  • 28 February 2023
  • 9 replies

We have been using IIQ for help desk management and have separate remote assistance software. We have used TeamViewer in the past and are currently using Dameware. We would like to utilize remote software from within the ticket itself and would love any recommendations for currently available integrations with IIQ.


9 replies

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@aboyd Thank you for being patient on a reply. I am going to tag some of our community members to see what they are using!

@DWOLKE 583e654 isd191 @benthicmp @SMillsTVSD @jax @TRiddle @lhofius 

What remote assistance apps have you been using?

@Kathryn Carter I do not use remote ticketing, as I am only a school-level contact. However, the district uses a remote software. I do not know the name of the software, or if it is integrated with IQ.

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@aboyd We use both VNC and Remote desktop. We have VNC enabled in our IIQ instance and we use it sparingly because the majority of our tickets are chromebooks.

VNC has been helpful when we have techs that are at their computers but often times they are on the road at sites directly in front of them.

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@aboyd We use Support Scheduler in our High School and Middle School. I have a room in both buildings, mornings I am in the HS and after lunch I move to the MS. When students put in a ticket I send out an invite through Support Scheduler to have them come and see me. If it’s urgent (broken screen, won’t turn on, etc.) they just come see me right away. This was really important when we opened the Schools back up the fall of 2020 and wanted to keep kids from being too close to each other. 

I have just installed the Microsoft Quick Assist for our Techs to use on Windows Machines, but I haven’t heard yet how it is working for them. I just did this last week. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you @SMillsTVSD and @benthicmp for adding your information here! 

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We’re using SCCM at our district for Windows devices and it’s limited to just our district staff.  Interesting options here though!  We’ll be taking a look!

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@DWOLKE 583e654 isd191 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 


We use Connect Wise Control.  At one point it was on the roadmap to be added to iiQ but hasn’t made it yet.

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@Rob_M Thank you for adding your insight to our thread. Be on the look out for updates for any integrations we add.