Self-Checkout Spare Device Cart

Hello everyone,

As we look at summer projects for our IT Department I was wondering if anyone has found a way to enable students to self-checkout from a common device cart?

We are a 1:1 district but our Middle Schoolers have a habit of leaving devices at home. It would be nice to have a cart full of computers that a student can walk up to, scan their ID and the Asset Tag of a device, and then walk away with a spare checked out to them. We do have Rollout Scout for our district, but I can’t think of a way to set up a kiosk mode with that or any of the other check-in/out options in IIQ. Maybe having a service account with only device assignment permissions set up on a Chromebook on the cart? We have a barcode scanner that could be mounted to it and configured as always on.

I would shy away from any non-digital options since they can’t be well managed and are prone to worse errors than digital scanning methods (trust me on this one). I’m not looking for a paid option since this would be a small use case and wouldn’t justify a cost of more than a few bucks per year.

Thanks everyone!

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@CMyers I have not heard of a district doing it this way. This would be awesome to set up, but there would definitely have to be a lot of trust in the student body. In order to check out the device, they would have to gain Agent access to the system. 

One option we have seen is giving the librarian Agent access. This way the students can go check out a device from the library and there is a little bit of control. 



I agree, and that’s part of what I was wondering from the IIQ side. Our cart would be in the Assistant Principal’s office, so they would be directly monitoring check-outs. I was wondering about having a check-out only service account (e.g. that would only have device edit permissions. That way the account could be set up in a kiosk mode that would also be monitored by staff. But I’m starting to think that would also require training the students to use IIQ, and that’s not quite feasible since they don’t have any access in our district.

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@CMyers, yeah your best bet there would be to have the Assistant Principal check the devices in and out. It might be a tedious task for that individual, but they already have the training and knowledge. 

We deployed iPads to all of our carts that are check-in/out. With the ability to scan from the mobile app they are able to scan the device and use the check-in/out to assign the device to the new user. We may go one step further and deploy the iPad as a kiosk but we have someone who is there to assist with this until we can automate it. 

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We don’t use charging carts anymore, but looks like IIQ recently came out with integration features with LocknCharge that might be interesting to look into: