Sync Incident IQ Calendar to Blank Google Calendar

  • 19 October 2023
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Looking for a good work flow that would help us sync our current Calendar in IIQ to a new Blank Google Calendar. Currently we seem to be hung up because we can’t map Locations to our Google Calendar because there are no existing Events or locations to map to.


Is there an easy way to sort of populate our entire IIQ Calendar to a new Blank Google Calendar and then continue to sync from there?

6 replies

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@MSchuckert 927f0a5 holmdel Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

Is this for iiQEvents, or is this just for the regular calendar within Ticketing and Facilities? 

IIQ Events

@Kathryn Carter The basic idea is to get our current iiQEvents Calendar to a new Google Calendar so in the District has the ability to add it to their own Calendar view. That way we can also leverage Google’s sharing permissions to finely tune how Events get created.

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@MSchuckert 927f0a5 holmdel I got some clarification that there is a dependency on having existing events to pick up the location. However, this would be a great idea to add to our Idea Exchange:

@Kathryn Carter Thanks! I will submit the idea to the exchange. I do have one last clarification question if you know the answer. It looks like you can either map Events with Locations OR Resources. Since Google lets you Bulk Upload Resources, that would be the easiest way for me to re-create our current iiQ Room structure.

If I create those Resources and map them, will a sync still fail if we don’t have any Location mappings?

And if that does work, then is there an easy way for me to export all of our current rooms to a CSV? Or could you put me in contact with a Support Tech who might be able to just send that to me?

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@MSchuckert 927f0a5 holmdel You can submit a ticket to support, and they can get you set up with this.