Assigning a unique icon for issue categories — instead of a nondescript folder icon

  • 8 November 2022
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Issue categories can be better differentiated with unique icons (e.g. a “wi-fi” icon for issues about internet, a “mouse” icon for issues about peripherals, etc.). This makes it much easier for users to find what they’re looking for!

I started by creating custom issue categories for various models in Administrator > Issues. After creating the issue category, I noticed that if I hover my cursor over the name of the custom category, a “pencil” icon appears allowing you to not only edit the name, but select an icon for it as well!



In the above example, I created a custom category called “* Internet” and assigned a “wifi” icon to it.


However, I ran into an issue — the selected icon never appeared anywhere. I had hoped it might appear on the boring, nondescript folder icons on the ticket wizard, but no luck. In fact, I didn’t see this icon appear anywhere. Not even in this list of issues.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


Best answer by Kathryn Carter 8 November 2022, 17:33

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@zige Another great question and great catch! Love to see that you are digging into the system. I can’t wait to see what other questions/catches you will have.

Sorry to report that it is currently a bug within our system. The icon does not change when updating in this area. I will report this into our internal system 😄 Thanks for finding it for us!