Auto-populate fields based on requestor info

  • 4 November 2022
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Is their any functionality for coding in names or other fields into tickets?  I’m thinking like %username% as an example.

I’m trying to fine-tune what info is available for some of our notifications that go out to followers.  Namely, when a new student account is created, followers get an email for a ticket with the student’s temp PW.  I’d like to include the student’s username and ID (from IC) into the ticket info so they see those in the email as well.


Right now, they have to click the “view ticket details” button to get that info - which as we may all know, is hard to get users to do sometimes!


Alternatively, is there a way to adjust what is included in those ticket notifications?


2 replies

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@tmeixner Thank you for submitting your question.

Currently there is an idea out there that would enable you to add and customize your email that is sent out to parents. 

Please upvote and comment on this idea:

I hope this helps 😄

Thank you for the reply, I’ve upvoted that request!