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  • 24 October 2022
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I am trying to create a rule that creates a ticket when we are out of stock of parts, but it doesn’t seem to work..  I have attached a screenshot of my rule.  I feel like I just don’t have the logic correct, but I don’t know what I need to adjust.  Can someone help?



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7 replies

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@JRood 877c5a lvpioneers Thank you for submitting your question! 

Try using the trigger “Used”, instead of “Adjusted”. 😄

Here is the guide that refers specifically to Low / Out of Stock for Parts: 

I hope this helps!! 

I was going to to make the same rule on both Used also.  I need it for Adjusted just in case someone forgets to use the parts.

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@JRood 877c5a lvpioneers Is the article helpful and/or what you were looking for?

Not for this particular problem.  I have the notifaction rules set up, and working but I can’t seem to get the ticket created automatically when we run out of a part.  I am just not sure if the logic for my rule is correct or not. It seems like it should work to me.

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@JRood 877c5a lvpioneers Do you have an example of when the rule did not fire? From my side, your logic looks correct. 

Also, I noticed you did not select an issue in your out of stock ticket template - I would make sure you have that. 

I just adjusted one of my parts to 0 to test it out.  R751 Speakers I believe.  I will go check out that issue on the out of stock template and try again.

Thanks for the help!  Just that simple issue was what was wrong with it.  Appreciate it!