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I’m currently using a new scanner for rapid scan and after some searching around, i found there is an option to adjust the barcode scanner options, but i do not know what are the parameters and i do not see any options to adjust this or to help me understand how to adjust this on the community page or website.

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@LBritt 4971c19 clayton Thank you for submitting your question. 

Are you looking for scanner settings or settings for the barcodes themselves? You are able to adjust barcode settings under site options at the bottom of the page!

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@LBritt 4971c19 clayton 


Here is the knowledge base guide on how to customize the labels within iiQ 




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@LBritt 4971c19 clayton


Thank you so much for your question! I’m happy to let you know we have a new enhancement going live next week that will allow you to test your scanner from your profile options or site settings. Make sure to subscribe to our Product Updates and keep an eye out for this enhancement!