Easier way to find vidoes only.

  • 12 August 2023
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I’m a visual leaner and I love watching videos. I don’t mind the how-to guides but I like to watch what I’m learning in action. I don’t want to read every one’s comments if I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! Are there full videos of how to for Importing Parts and Inventory? I want to watch a video first to see how I can apply it to my job. Is there a web page with only videos? I went on YouTube but the videos are only a minute or two minutes long. I started the academy program for new employee but I don’t like the short videos and then read then a video and so forth. I’ve been working in my position for a month now and I have a lot to learn for IIQ. Also, If you make a a section for new employees basics. All the information provided is good but overwhelming! 


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Hey @DPadilla 6308d7c besd 

The Academy is the best place to find how to videos. Here is a lesson with a video around importing parts:




The link doesn’t work, Page is not found. 

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@DPadilla 6308d7c besd Try this one: