Enhanced Permissions suddenly reverted?

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Our district had been running with the enhanced permissions for about a month, until they were suddenly reverted yesterday afternoon, without notice.  Unfortunately, this resulted in disruption - people were kicked out, and our Events manager was no longer able to access the Event module at all. 

I’ve got people back up and running under the old permissions, but I’m concerned that we weren’t notified before the switch happened. Did this happen broadly?

On a related note, does IncidentIQ publish a list of known issues/bugs that they are working on? 


Best answer by Kathryn Carter 10 July 2024, 17:35

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@RKEstrada Good Morning! Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

I reached out to our team to see what was going on. Due to your recent issue with ticket visibility, we had to roll back to those permissions in order to bring back the expected functionality. We will be working to ensure that when you get Enhanced Permissions again, it will not cause any issues for you. 

While we do not have a list of known bugs, our Product Update shows which have been fixed:

I hope this helps shed some clarity, and please reach out on that ticket for any additional information on the fix. 😄

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@Kathryn Carter Thanks for the update!  I checked, and none of my tickets mention that our permissions would be rolled back. In the future, it would be helpful to get a heads-up before major changes are made to our district - as I mentioned, our Event person suddenly lost all access, and I had to spend time figuring out what had happened and determining how to fix it. It would have helped to have a head start and know what was coming. 

We look forward to the fixes/updates and roll forward to the new permissions.  I appreciate the information!