iiQ Events implementation for K-12


Hello iiQ Community,


We at Riverdale Country School are interested in connecting with districts which have adopted iiQ Events into their event workflows. We are struggling to migrate our system of Google forms and Google Calendars into iiQ and are hoping we could see your workflow and be inspired with new ideas on how we could migrate from Google into iiQ. I am open to connecting within this discussion or via conference call.


Thanks in advance.

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@JMartinez 200bc69 riverdale Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄

I know that @ADeLacy has been working on this from our Open Office Hours. Any thoughts? 

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We are a full Google district and tested out the Events integration this year. You can integrate into a single Calendar in Google, but not multiple calendars directly. It will take a great deal of set up if you currently use multiple different calendars in Google. You will also need to build out your Google Building Resources if you do not have those built out yet, that is the only way to get the integration to write to other calendars by using the building resource. You are not able to “invite” people to events on their Google calendars either, that was a big hiccup for us. Ultimately, we did not end up going with it, but our district is very large and has a lot of different pieces, I could see it being a lot simpler for a smaller district.

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Thank you @TAnders for your feedback on this thread. 😄

In our district we use the DOB for many lookups confirmations.

Is there a way to import the DOB from skyward?

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@LMADISON 101968 iltexas 

Is the DOB only stored in your SIS - Skyward?