Minimum Inventory Email Alerting Prematurely

  • 10 January 2023
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I set each of my parts to have a minimum inventory at each location and created a rule to send an email alert if parts drop below minimum threshold. I used this link:

However, I’m getting email alerts for parts that are well above the minimum. See the below image:

In the rules menu under “When these conditions are met” I set the filter to “Available at Location” and that’s it. There is another filter called “Quantity Available”, but I don’t want to set it with just one number because I have many different minimum amounts for each part at each location. Is this my issue, and if so, how can I set it to only send an email when the minimum number is met? Thank you.

5 replies


When you set the rule to “available at location” it is going to email you every time a part is used because the rule will run when the part is used and then since the part is available it will fire off and email you.

I have similar rules to what you are trying to do and they are set up as follows.  Under parts use the trigger of when “Used.”  For When these conditions are met I used two filters.  Filter one is Part Name and filter two is Quantity Available.  I then set the quantity to Less then or equal to: X where X is the number that I want to get emailed about.

This rule will now trigger when the defined part is used and then look at the quantity available at the building.  If the quantity remaining is X or lower it emails me.

Hope that makes sense and clears it up for you.

Thanks Scott. Do you have individual filters for each part? I have about 30 different parts across 4 locations, all with various min levels. Do I need to do this for each part and each location?


I do have a filter for each part I want an email about.  This is because I only want an email for about 10 different parts (the rest of our parts are not used enough for us to stock at each building) and have a different remaining quantity that I want email about based on how quickly we go through those parts.

If you want an email any time a part gets to something like 5 remaining you could use just the quantity available filter and it should email you any time any part gets to that quantity.

OK that’s good to know. Thanks Scott for your help.

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@Scott-CCS Love that you have shared your insight in our Community! Way to be a rockstar!!