Multiple approval rules

  • 31 October 2023
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Can someone share their rules for multiple approvals. For example, approved by principal, once approved by principal sent to curriculum director, once approved by curriculum it’s sent to IT.

5 replies

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@jmerwin Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

I want to call out Othello Schools @ROzuna 4479d91 othelloschools and @BShuler 403b04d othelloschools have an approval process with three levels. Would either of you mind sharing your workflow? 


Hello, anyone care to share?

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@jmerwin I went and pulled an example from a site that has multiple approval layers.

  1. They have their rule set up for when the ticket is created:
  1. Next, they adjust the next set-up rules via the “when updated” trigger. 


  1. Don’t forget to send the email when it is “sent for approval”


I hope this helps get you started 😄

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@jmerwin Were you able to get something constructed? I am going to look above and see if I can leverage that, but was curious if you went a different route?

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Great question @DE SysAdmin! @jmerwin What did you end up doing?? 😄