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Hi, I have been exploring navigation bar v2. It looks nice, but i’m failing to see any noticeable differences as far as features and usage.  Before v2 was released, I seem to recall the ability to group views was one popular feature requests, so I thought this would be a highlight in v2, but it doesn’t seem to be an option as far as I can tell?

I wonder if users who have fully adopted v2 would recommend the switch, and what advantages they are seeing in v2 over v1. Thank you 




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Not a huge fan but use it as it will probably be the new norm. I have to click more to navigate to different sections. In the past, they would just be expanded.

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My understanding was that the v2 layout would become standard as future enhancements are implemented, but it was made available to start using early if you wanted to. I think v1 will probably go away as an option eventually.

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@Daniel P Thank you for submitting your question. 

The Left Nav v2 is an update for the permissions overhaul that is coming soon and other future enhancements! Currently, we are not requiring all districts to switch over, but the v2 will be required eventually for all districts.