Parts Alert Email Not Working Properly

  • 7 November 2022
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I have set up the parts alert email the same way I saw in the knowlegebase article and I am getting alert emails with warnings outside of the minimum thresholds that I have set.   I have attached one of the emails I received.  It was saying I have low inventory of 26 when I set the minimum to 2. This happened when I transfered stock to a different building.


1 reply

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@JRood 877c5a lvpioneers Thank you for submitting your question. 

I am digging into the back end of your site and it looks like the rule you have in place will send an email any time you adjust your parts. I believe you received this email because the rules state any time you adjust your parts inventory. The alert that the inventory is low does not show up on the Inventory Alerts in your Parts Explorer. If you are wanting an email for low stock, you will need to set up the rule under the trigger “Used”, rather than just “Adjusted”  😄

Here is the link for the guide, just in case.

I hope this helps 😄