Set Daskboard as the default when they first login

  • 24 October 2022
  • 3 replies

How do you set the dashboard to bet the first view when they first login instead of the view they last were at?

3 replies

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@PTranchida 4235870 rochester Thank you for submitting your question. 

I looked into your site and you are still onboarding. Once you complete onboarding, it will default to the ticketing dashboard instead of the onboarding dashboard. 

I hope this helps 😄

Thank you, will this always be the default every time or does the system remember the last screen they were on? We are wondering that no matter what screen they were on when the were last on that when they log in, the first thing they see is always the dashboard.



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@PTranchida 4235870 rochester It should default back to the dashboard each time you log in. 😄