Survey Rules

  • 17 October 2023
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Is there a way to create rules based on survey results? I am not sure which trigger to use, but I want to create a rule to email me when survey results do not meet certain criteria so I can follow up on the ticket. 

3 replies

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I would think a “When Updated” rule would work since a ticket can still be updated after it’s resolved, and having survey results would be an update… However I am not seeing a filter of any kind that would trigger a “When Updated” rule properly.

You might have to get creative with this one. Maybe instead of a rule you can use a view and a custom field or tag. 

My first thought would be to create a ticket view that’s filtered to any that have the survey score(s) you’re looking to follow up on. Then you could create a custom tag, maybe called “SurveyFollowUp”, and add that tag to the tickets you’ve followed up on already. Just filter out tickets with that tag in your view settings so you’re only looking at ones that need attention.

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Also worth noting, you can add tags to tickets in bulk from a view too. Helps make quick work of doing the cleanup if you’ve already followed up on a bunch of them.

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@cris.ward Thank you for submitting your question to our community! 😄 

The best way to monitor this will be with a custom view and adding the survey results within a column. 

I like @jclark16’s suggestion of adding tags!