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  • 13 February 2023
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My district purchased IIQ as an asset management system but also wants to use it for textbooks and instructional materials that are checked out to students and teachers. I am looking for other districts who are also using it for instructional materials for best practices and other ideas. If this is you, please reply so we can connect.


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@SCameron 2339bbd newcaneyisd Thank you for submitting your question.

So there is a step-by-step on how to do this, however, there is a good amount of work on the back end to successfully do this. These are the steps from my manager on how to do this best. 

  1. Create a custom model category:  textbooks
  2. model =  textbook (can get too specific grades or subjects but not really advised)
  3. Manufacture needs to be created
  4. asset custom field = title of book
  5. asset custom field = x, y, z if they need more
  6. need to hide them for ticket visibility (don’t want to create tickets for them)
  7. must have asset tag = easiest would be to create in Excel
  8. import assets via CSV

Henry County has their textbooks in their system. @tmolony is on their team! Would you be willing to assist another community member??

@grogne is another member who has uploaded textbooks into our system! 


Thank you for this. I would love to connect with Henry County. We have most of our textbooks in the system currently and set up very similar to this. I’d like to be able to have a ticket workflow where a campus can request items from the warehouse as needed. Would this not be possible?

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@SCameron 2339bbd newcaneyisd I think that is possible. 

I suggest adding it under a custom category/issue/field. This would be the best way to allow staff to request information. Additionally, creating a rule to assign it to the correct team would automatically have the request go to the right people. Do you think that would be something you are interested in? 


Yes I think so. 

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@SCameron 2339bbd newcaneyisd Test to see if that will work for you, and let me know! 😄

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We add asset tagged textbooks as IIQ assets and workbooks/consumables as Parts.

When users request a textbook, when have added a custom filed to the ticket where the user looks up the Model (book).

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Can some of these same custom fields be applied to wanting to create a IIQ asset management/ check in/ check out for Band and String instruments?  Also, is there a way to auto generate an email to parents when an asset is assigned to a student?

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@I.T. tech Mayfield I believe you would be able to do that, depending on what information you want to include would determine the custom fields for that model. Instead of labeling them as textbooks, it would be the instruments. 

Currently, there is no way to email parents when an asset is checked in/out. Here is an idea to upvote: