Ticket Creation Automation on a schedule based on asset values

  • 30 January 2023
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Here is what I would like to do.  


I recently added some custom values for our Backup Batteries.  


One of the values is a “replacement date” which is a “date value” 


I would like to be able to build some form of rule automation that runs Daily/weekly that will basically look at those date values, and if any of those date values are $NumberOfDays away that it will create a ticket, assign it to someone, to tell them that they need to order replacement batteries.  


How can I make this happen?  

Please and thanks!  


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Sounds to me like what you would need is a moving date range filter, but that option is currently limited to specifics and not something that you can set and it dynamically change based on today’s date.

There’s a few idea posts (linked below) that I would recommend upvoting to try to get some eyes on them - I’m honestly surprised they haven’t been merged lol. This is something we need to see too, for MANY reasons similar to yours.



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@jclark16 I agree those ideas were similar enough to merge together, so please refer to the “Expanding ‘moving date ranges’ filter” to upvote and comment!

@RTSD26_AllynJ Thank you for submitting your question. Hopefully this idea will catch our Product Team’s attention soon because the moving date ranges have been gaining lots of traction within community. Make sure to have your other community member’s upvoting and commenting to help get these ideas across the finish line! 😄

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Thanks so much, I upvoted, but didn’t really add to the comment thread.  

Should I put into the comments on that other thread/idea about how it being added would give me the ability to do the thing I want to do?   

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@RTSD26_AllynJ Any information you can provide our Product Team for your workflow or use case helps! They try to gather as much information as possible to help make those enhancements work for our users. @ttownes_iiQ could probably give you more information than I could for what the Product Team is looking for with your comments. 😄

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@RTSD26_AllynJ @Kathryn Carter Those rolling date filters are good to have referenced here with the question. Also relevant are scheduled ticket templates.


Finally, this use case is specific and likely widespread enough I’ve created a dedicated solution idea for it here that the community can vote on: