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  • 8 October 2022
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Hi, Does anyone have a list of the TicketActivityTypeId.

I’m trying to use the API to find tickets that were marked as resolved and later changed to in progress again.



      "ActivityItems": [
          "$type": "Spark.Shared.Models.TicketActivityComment, Spark.Shared",
          "TicketActivityCommentId": "6xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1",
          "CreatedDate": "2022-10-07T16:17:18.493",
          "ModifiedDate": "2022-10-07T16:17:18.493",
          "TicketActivityId": "6x-7d46-ed11-xd1",
          "ByUserId": "30821cxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx62dbca2",
          "Comments": "Chromebook was in my box. Issue was corrected by information below.\n\nPutting back in your box shortly.",
          "TicketActivityTypeId": 6,
          "ExternalId": null,
          "IsPublic": false,
          "Meta": null



4 replies

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@ATrujillo 7438baf chathamnc Thank you for submitting your question. 

I will submit a support ticket on your behalf for this. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon! 😄

Hi @Kathryn Carter 
Any more information on This topic?
Please let me know.


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@ATrujillo 7438baf chathamnc 
We had submitted a support request on your behalf. One of our support team members has responded to the following support ticket #15667




@Hannah Bailey Thanks! I completely missed it.